Arduino IR Samsung AR7000M A/C

I know… I’ve already one project to control my AC by my thermostat, but Samsung smart is not so open protocol and the work is going slowly but summer is already here!!!!

So I’ve already setup my thermostat to control my AC by IR, but let’s proceed by steps and create the hardware to communicate to turn on and off the AC.


First of all take:

Connect the IR led to the transistor to the Pin 3 of the Arduino following that scheme.


Here the 2N2222 PinOut:


Now connect the switch


The switch is temporary and will be substituted by the Ecobee contacts but for testing purposes is rather easy to implement and proof it’s working.


Upload next code to make it working:
[pastebin id=”3dgFbw8k”]

Test your new controller if drive correctly your AC.

Next step is to connect it to the Ecobee thermostat.
See you at next post.

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